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Many individuals ask how they can help us. It is vital that SOS Help reaches out to the people who need us and that we advertise and promote our service effectively. SOS Help is a small volunteer run charity and there are many ways organisations and individuals can help. This story tells of how one inspiring organisation chose to support out work.

At the end of 2019 we were approached by students from The International School in Toulouse. They had read about our work and wanted to promote our service within the school. They had come up with the idea of making Christmas cards to sell on our behalf and each card would advertise our phone line.

After the initial sales of Christmas cards, they decided to go further and linked up with the Fair Trade group within their school. They continued to promote our charity within their community for another year.

By the end of the year they had raised an amazing total of €1,500 and many people had now learned about our service.

So how did the students do it?

  • They continued to make and sell cards.
  • They sold cakes for us at the school assembly.
  • They sold refreshments at parent/teacher events.
  • They organised a Willy Wonka chocolate hunt.
  • The sold refreshments at the school play.
  • They organised a Christmas raffle.
  • They produced a recipe book.
  • They made a video to promote our service.

We owe a big thank you to Rosie, Mary and Jasmin who organised this with support and encouragement from their school. We have been very impressed by their hard work, ingenuity and commitment.

“As teachers we are extremely proud of our students. We know how hard they work in their studies and when they find extra time to do these incredible things, we are really proud of them.

“Young people are often overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems we see in the world and wonder if they can really make a difference. The students at The International School of Toulouse learnt, with their raising of money and awareness for SOS Help, that they can make a difference which is real and immediate.

“They also had the opportunity of demonstrating leadership, teamwork and organisational skills.”

 The International School of Toulouse

Personally, as volunteers, we know we get as much from volunteering as we give. This is certainly true for these students and for the others who give us their time, energy and skills.

Do you work in or are you part of an anglophone community in France? Could you help us promote our phoneline like the students at The International School of Toulouse? Please get in touch if you would like to know more about what we do and how you may be able to help.