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A member of the SOS team gets a helping hand

At SOS Help, we are in the business of extending a helping hand to others. However, recently one of our staff members was touched to be offered a helping hand in return. Here, she tells her story…

We were at the post for a busy day changing some furniture and were having trouble getting the laptop lock undone. We’d lost the code and the lock’s cable was tied around another piece of furniture that we were desperately trying to disassemble. To top it all off, at that moment the chair deliverer arrived, Guillaume.

But thank goodness he did! After dropping off our chairs, Guillaume even managed to free up the cable we had been fighting with. A real nice guy. Before leaving I signed the delivery note with my name and SOS Help and he left.

About 2 hours later I received a call and heard Guillaume’s voice on the other end. I thought he must have forgotten something. He was very hesitant and said that when he’d seen I’d signed the words SOS Help on the delivery note and thought I may have been in trouble and discretely asking for help.

Obviously, I was surprised and extremely touched by this gesture. I told him about SOS Help and that it was heartwarming to know that if I had been in trouble he would have cared and offered help.

Being put in the position of having a hand extended to us is both unexpected and uplifting. Merci, Guillaume!